Statement of the Central Committee of the AUCP(b)

In connection with the pandemic of coronavirus Covid-19

Epidemics and the associated social tantrums have been accompanying our lives since the late Middle Ages, that is, from the moment the bourgeoisie and cities arose. Effectively and without national tantrums, only the Soviet Union could overcome severe epidemic outbreaks.

Under the guise of fighting against coronavirus, the ruling regimes of Russia and Ukraine restrict and suppress the freedom of movement of citizens by punitive measures, and arrange an electronic system of total surveillance of people. The right to privacy and confidentiality of personal data is cynically trampled. Whereas earlier measures to close borders and quarantine for arriving fellow citizens would prevent the outbreak of the disease in our countries. And this allows us to see that the epidemic is beneficial to the ruling circles of all bourgeois countries, who found themselves in a pre-crisis situation a year before the epidemic in Wuhan.

The psychosis escalated by the ruling regimes of Russia and Ukraine and the terror of citizens are taking place against the backdrop of the general global crisis of capitalism and hide the true intentions of the world’s policy makers — the ruling imperialist circles, including Russia.

Hiding behind the struggle against the pandemic, the leading capitalist countries, including China and Russia, are trying to get out of the next financial and economic crisis by destroying the productive forces of society. This happened in world history regularly. The private capitalist mode of production makes such crises inevitable. The proletariat pays for them, especially in the dependent, so-called «developing» countries. The fall in the exchange rates of these countries is proof of this.

The collapse of imperialism is a matter of time. His grave digger is the proletariat. It is against the grave digger and the class enemy that the bourgeoisie acts as a united front. Actual lack of rights, wage slavery, economic dependence on the whims of the capitalist, including the cumulative capitalist — the state. This oppression is becoming insufficient to deter the proletariat from the inevitable uprising. Total control and surveillance, compiling personal dossiers, collecting biometric data, smart face recognition systems and millions of video cameras to suppress the class actions of the proletariat are being adopted.

Under the guise of caring for the health of citizens, under the guise of quarantine, grandiose exercises are being held, experiments are being conducted to manage society on a global scale. The existing ruling regimes of the states of the world are switching over to essentially fascist methods of government. And at the same time, the real consequences of the economic crisis and pandemic are decided not at the expense of the rich, not at the expense of capital, which is directly to blame for both events, but at the expense of workers, whose fates are now put on the brink of survival. Millions of job loss; millions sent on vacation without maintenance; millions receiving, allegedly, a full salary, but having lost a substantial income, which was hidden behind bonuses and salaries in the «envelopes».

Now we also see that, having exported production to third world countries, imperialism does not have its own capacities in order to cope with the disease on its own in conditions of closed borders and flared up national egoism. Capitalism, its last and highest stage — imperialism — has long outlived its age, and stands in the way of the development of the productive forces of society. Capitalism has shown its complete failure to overcome global challenges to humanity.

Our Bolshevik proletarian response to this challenge is the continuation of the workers’ class struggle, strikes and the socialist revolution! Only communism will save the shaken world!

Down with capitalism!

Long live the socialist revolution!

Workers of the world, unite!


Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks)


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